Sunday, December 6, 2009

Troll cat

While she still had her stitches in, we were keeping Bella isolated from the other cats when we were away or asleep. Ivy, our 20-pound calico bully, has been a bit aggressive with her and we didn't want anything to happen that would cause Bella's stitches to come out. Last night was Bella's first night having complete freedom, and Ivy sat by the bedroom door like a troll all night to keep her from sleeping with us. I beg to differ with anyone who says cats don't have emotions - that's jealousy if I've ever seen it!

Here's a nice article about pets with disabilities: Dealing with devastating pet injuries: Spared euthanasia, animals can overcome adversity surprisingly well. I'm so glad every day that the doctors were able to save Bella. Her leg was already so infected when we found her that I was afraid she wouldn't make it. Even after the amputation, she was in the hospital for four days because her fever kept coming and going. She is one lucky cat, and quite a fighter too. Jason and I are so lucky to have her in our lives.

I don't have any new pictures of Bella today, but here's one of my all-time favorite shots of her.