Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chico and the cat

In addition to our six cats, we also have a parrotlet named Chico. When Bella was an inside/outside cat, she rather miraculously did not realize that Chico was an actual bird. I think she thought his cage was something akin to a television set - one that was tuned all day to a fairly boring program about a green bird. Now that she's had more time inside to process the situation, she has figured out that Chico is an actual bird, and a tasty-looking one at that. Luckily, she can't jump or climb high enough to get to him without that fourth leg. She spends a lot of time standing on one leg against the bookshelves he lives on, gazing longingly at him. Keep on dreaming, Bella!

The highlights of Bella's week thus far:

  1. A cricket made its way into the house, and she got to hunt, maim, and kill it. Sorry, little cricket!
  2. Sleeping in a sunbeam all afternoon on a relatively warm day.
  3. Learning how to properly play with her toy mousies again (see below).

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