Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been trying for a while to get a good video of Bella in action so that everyone can see how far she's come. Any time she sees a camera pointed at her, however, she stops what she's doing to check it out. I finally managed to get this clip of Bella and her sister Clementine play-fighting, although they do get a little distracted by the camera in the middle. Notice which cat is the aggressor and which one is running out of the room to escape!

Apologies for the clumps of cat fur on the carpet...the daily vacuuming of the rug had not occurred yet at the time of the video!

In other good news, our tax refund was just enough to finish paying off Bella's vet bill! I still can't believe that so many complete strangers helped Bella out with her surgery expenses. Their kindness and generosity has meant so much to us, and I thank everyone who helped from the bottom of my heart!