Friday, December 18, 2009


I found another great picture of Bella back in her four-legged days. Here she is last fall enjoying some sunshine. It makes me sad to think that I won't get to photograph her outside anymore.


  1. That's a beautiful pic - Bella has wonderful markings.

  2. That's a lovely photo - Bella's beautiful markings are perfectly set off against those leaves.

    Obviously every cat is different - and I don't know what factors have affected your decision to keep her in - but some three-legged cats have no problem living an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. My three-legged cat loved going outside and even went back to hunting. Mind you, in his later years he gave up on chasing mice and birds and took up hunting slugs, which was pretty disgusting - but they are slow and easy to catch.

    I took longer to adapt than he did; I worried about him every time he went outside, but I did get used to it eventually.

  3. I think Bella would be able to get along fine outside - it's the other animals out there having access to her that I'm worried about! Since we don't know what dog attacked her or where it happened, I don't want to let her outside now that she's even more vulnerable. She was always so cautious and fast outside on four legs, I would never in a million years have suspected that a dog would be able to get a hold of her! Even though she loves the outdoors, we would never forgive ourselves if anything else happened to her.

    We do have a screened porch that she can spend time on when the weather is nice, so there's still the chance that she'll get to hunt the odd lizard or moth :-)

  4. if yoo got Bella a harness she could walk owtside in the sun. We love our harness.