Saturday, December 5, 2009

No more stitches!

Bella finally got her stitches out yesterday. She was so scared when she realized we were back at the vet's office. There was much clawing at the front of her cat carrier when we got out of the car. She was very brave during the actual removal, though, and the vet said her incision and her bite wounds looked great. Hopefully it will be a while before she has to go back to the doctor now.

To celebrate, I threw a catnip party for all the kitties. Here is Bella high on catnip and playing with her mousies.

And here she is doing some post-catnip chilling with her adopted big brother.

Bella and her sister Clementine slept on the same bed together last night for a few hours, and there was no drama at all. They were on opposite sides of the bed from each other, but I'm glad they're making some progress. I think we'll be one big happy family again before too long.

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