Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cat scratch fever

I thought Bella might need something to sharpen her claws on now that she's not climbing trees anymore. I picked up a SmartyKat SuperScratcher at Target, but she has no interest in it beyond huffing the catnip off of it. Her big brother and sister did their best to demonstrate how to use it, to no avail.

She did pose next to the scratcher for everyone, and this picture gives you a pretty good look at the extent of her amputation. She still has her right hip and tiny bit of her femur (I guess it's still called a femur in cats?). Today she mastered the art of the three-legged pounce, which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. She's been busy trying to keep her hunting skills sharp by practicing it on her fur mousies.

Thanks again to everyone who has made a donation towards Bella's vet bills! I have been so moved by people's generosity and concern towards a cat they've never even met before. The internet is a strange and wonderful place indeed.


  1. We're glad Bella is doing well and learning to pounce. Maybe scratching will be next?

    It's great you are getting some help with the vet bills.

  2. Thanks! She is doing better and getting more energy every day. She's used to sharpening her claws on trees, so maybe she would be happier with a vertical scratching post instead!

  3. Bella's markings are wonderful - she is a lucky kitty having someone like you. Am so glad she's adapting to her injuries.

  4. I have to admit, it was pretty cool after she was shaved to see that her skin was actually black wherever she had black fur! I can't wait to post some pictures once her beautiful coat grows back in.

  5. Not sure if you still read these replies.. we're considering adopting a kitten with 3 legs - but just bought new furniture - not sure if a 3 legged cat will scratch more or less... we were originally looking for a declawed cat.