Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Backwards walk caught on video

Here's a video to illustrate Bella's new backwards walk. This was actually a pretty tame incident...usually the back leg drags her around the room like it's possessed.


  1. This is so sad to see poor Bella going backwards. I hope she adjusts soon and manages to go forwards.

    She is a beautiful kitty.

  2. I know, it breaks our hearts to see her unable to walk normally - especially when she did so well the first few weeks after her amputation. She's a fighter, so I have every confidence she will snap out of it soon!

  3. This must have been distressing to watch ~ we are so glad she is better now.

  4. oh my gosh!!!!
    I am soooo glad I found you and Bella and this video!! *tears

    My Wilma had her back left amputated on May 6 (damaged leg - got her from the shelter that way- and MRSA!). She did pretty well hopping about and then on about Day 12, started the weird "possessed" leg thing. My vet says he does not know why she is doing that. I videotaped it Saturday night and started searching and found you and this video! You have given me such hope since I see Bella walking ok now!! I will email you with more questions if that is ok. Thank you again sooo much!!!! :)