Monday, December 21, 2009

Back that thing up

Oh dear, I've finally discovered something Bella can't do with only three legs. After cooking dinner tonight, I left the oven open a crack to let the heat out into the house. Bella went up to the oven to investigate, and must have been surprised by the warm air rushing out. She tried to back up, but she doesn't know how to anymore. Her poor little stump was flailing like it does when she forgets that there's no leg there anymore, and she toppled over on her side.

She's such a smart girl that she started practicing going backwards a little while later. It was still a little clumsy, but at least she didn't fall down. I'm sure she'll add going in reverse to her list of accomplishments soon!

Here's another picture of four-legged Bella. This is how she likes to watch TV with her Dad.


  1. Bella - you are a true inspiration to all of us. Keep going girl!!!

  2. You are an amazing girl. I am snowwhite's mums and we are very glad to have found you again after meeting previously and my bad memory not remembering your Twitter name :(

    Love & Hugs
    Flacatlady & Snowwhitecat

  3. Thanks to you both! All these words of support and encouragement mean a lot to Bella, her dad, and me! She is a very special girl.