Monday, January 25, 2010

It's my cat in a box

This box is Bella's new favorite hangout. Unfortunately, 4:00am seems to be her favorite time to play in it and she's been waking us up every night. I don't have the heart to take it away from her, though...I'm just so happy to see her able to jump in and out of it!

You can tell her remaining back leg is getting a lot stronger now. A couple of weeks ago, you couldn't pet her while she was standing up without toppling her over. Now you can give her a good solid head-to-tail pet with no problems at all. It's so nice to see her making progress after she was having such a difficult time last month.

It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday, so we opened up the windows and let the cats enjoy some fresh air. Bella loved it, and there was much neck stretching and sniffing going on. I'm thinking about getting her a Kritter Kondo when the weather gets warmer so that she can hang out in the yard with her brother and sister while I'm working in the garden. She isn't currently showing any interest in going back outside, though, and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm afraid if I give her a taste of the outdoors, she'll be constantly scratching on the door and begging to go out. Maybe I'll start her off slowly with a few trips to the screened-in porch and see how that goes first!


  1. I hadn't said hello to you in a while so I stopped by to see how you are doing. Looking good I see!

  2. Hi! We read about you on the Blogosphere! It is so nice to meet you. You are beautiful! Please come and visit uSSSSS!

  3. The kritter-kondo looks awesome and would be great for Bella.