Sunday, January 10, 2010


Bella is finally making some real progress with her mobility. She's back to her old self now - roaming the house, jumping in her Dad's lap, and playing with her toys. She still walks backwards some of the time, but it doesn't frustrate her like it used to. When she starts going in reverse she stops, drops to the floor, and rolls over. That seems to reboot her and send her off in the right direction.

I can't pinpoint anything specific we did that helped her improve. Like other people online suggested, we just had to wait until she adjusted and figured things out.

This picture was taken today after she jumped in Jason's lap while he was eating a reuben, bullied him into giving her a bite of pastrami, and curled up for a nap in a sunbeam.


  1. Check my blog - keep up the good work with Bella!

  2. You're doing great sweetie...keep it up and you will be back to normal soon!!!

  3. What a sweetie youu are. You have so much courage and determination to overcome these obstacle. I admire you. You have marvelous oomans to help you thru this.