Monday, November 30, 2009


Enjoying a sunbeam. Her fur is (slowly) starting to grow back.

The vet who did Bella's surgery called to check in on her today, and she was very happy to hear how well she was doing. She said Bella can go in on Friday to get her stitches out! I'm glad she doesn't have to wait until next week; I think they're getting pretty itchy because she keeps plucking at them with her teeth. Now we just have to wait for her fur to grow back in so that she can stay warm.

Bella's been making a lot of new animal (and human) friends on Twitter. We've been so touched by all the sympathy and concern expressed by complete strangers. I've never been able to figure out the appeal of tweeting myself, but it seems to be working out really well for Bella! She has already attracted twice as many followers in a few days as I have managed to accumulate in over a year.

We're going to try to have friends come over and visit periodically for the next few weeks so that she can start getting used to people other than me and Jason. As a former feral kitten, she has always been scared of everyone except us. My seven-year-old nephew was our first guest after her injury, and she was absolutely terrified even though she was hiding in the bedroom with the door closed while he was here. We need to warm her up with some visitors who are quieter and calmer than a Wii-playing second grader!

Even when she was in the hospital, she always managed to roll over for tummy rubs!

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